1. Where my heart is
    22 Apr, 2018
    Where my heart is
    This is Brittney Yates. The redhead mom you might see driving through your town. To those who wanted to know a little bit more about me and what my purpose of travel is based on. First and for most, my little ones deserve to see the world and live life full of experiences. Second, I needed more than the normal work life had to offer me. My heart felt empty because I couldn’t support my kids without working 2 jobs, and that meant not being around to raise my babies. I decided after the last
  2. Fear of the Unknown
    20 Mar, 2018
    Fear of the Unknown
    Some see life on the road as scary and uncomfortable. I want to shed your fear of the unknown and make you comfortable with taking your next adventure! We have spent over 6 months on the road, just me and my 3 kiddos. I have come to the conclusion that people are always willing to lend a helping hand. Let me break down one of the mishaps that have happened along our state to state journey. We left our home on Sept. 2017, a dream that family and friends said would never become reality. After a
  3. Just getting Started
    16 Feb, 2018
    Just getting Started
    So it all started 5 years ago, when I became a free bird. A mom of four deciding to complete jump off a cliff and do it on her own. The 2 men totaling 11 years of my life, I grew out of. I always sought more and wondering why they never wanted to do the same for themselves. As a taurus one of my main characteristics says I hate change, when for my lifetime all it has been is change. Now I actually seek it out! How can I grow? What challenge do I want to set? How do I like to express myself?  A
  4. One Year On The Road
    24 Oct, 2017
    One Year On The Road
    Here I am sitting in the business center at Death Valley. We are almost a month into our journey. I set out to roam America with my three little ones all while spreading holistic information, bonding with my minis, practicing yoga, and growing connection for my business. I have always been a little out of the box with my thinking. But after my attempts of trying to produce a family, you know that white picked fence american dream, I decided that maybe that routine life wasn't my calling. So I
  5. Relationship goals
    11 Mar, 2018
    Relationship goals
    Thinking out loud on relationships, not just lover relationships, but friendships and family ties. Here is the thought: Relationships are not stronger over time but built by experiences within that time.  Have you ever known a person from grade school or worked with someone for years? Of course we all have these people in our lives. People that are there but not. Individuals that are just part of the crowd, caught in the blur of your existence. Not really ever knowing who they are. Too be
  6. Becoming
    07 Mar, 2018
    Set the scene, small Oklahoman town, Subway/ Gas station combo. The kids happy to finally recharge their laptops, while I am concerned on placing small pins on a giant 50 state map.      Why the excitement, you ask? I get to travel amongst America for a full year, all while being a single momma of 3. Since I was younger all I wanted was a chance to raise my family, a younger me would tell you all I wanted was a 12 kid household and thriving love/career life. Sounds like most peoples
  7. A month and a half in on a year long journey
    16 Nov, 2017
    A month and a half in on a year long journey
    Man did I ever imagine I would be sitting writing about my traveling lifestyle?!  Well heck YES I DID! For years I dreamed of the places I would visit and the experiences I would gain! And now they are my reality! For Halloween this year I surfed the Pacific Ocean! The minis dressed up as sand mermaids and sand strong man sculptures laying on the beach!  Just a mom with a dream, who despite all the voices telling me its not possible, I did it! A single momma on the open road with 3 little
  8. Magnesium Heals
    19 Oct, 2016
    Magnesium Heals
    We have all heard: we are what we eat. So let us go into further detail. Food has long been used to satisfy hunger. But did you know that is not all, the cells that put together our body are made up of these minerals and vitamins we take in. Not only that, all cellular activity depends on the fuel we provide the body. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, are good sources.  When we start discussing cellular activity the main component is Magnesium.
  9. Love only changes shape
    13 Sep, 2016
    Love only changes shape
    Articles on what the corporations are doing not only to our planet but the people makes me question the role we play in life. The years pass and this obvious destruction gets less recognition then a football game. Do not get me started on the reasons you shouldn't be a sport enthusiast. :/ The routine that most have let themselves get into is involves two major roles, consume and work. Now consuming entails not just eating, that in itself is a book. Do yourself a favor and start looking up the